Photo sharing and social networking site Instagram, has always committed to giving its users a simple and expressive way to bring the stories behind their images to life. The social network has now launched a new feature which allows users to add names to their photographs.


This new feature is similar to the one present on Facebook. The change with Instagrams tagging feature was announced on its blog on May 2, 2013. The firm added that the captions and hashtags capture the ‘what’, while the Photo Map answers the ‘where’, but so far the pictures have not been able to answer the ‘who’ part of users photographs. The new feature also includes a new ‘Photos Of You’ section.

The latest feature of Instagram is available for all users of the social network, but will not be visible to everyone until May 16, 2013. In regards to Facebook, Instagram users will also be able to change settings so that they have to approve an image before it is tagged. Social networking site Facebook had bought Instagram for 1 billion dollars in 2012.

The move to buy instagram received both positive and negative views from analysts. Facebook is the world’s leading social networking site, but it has been losing members of late.


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