At present, China is in urgent need of talented professionals. In order to fulfil this need, the country is making attempts to ease its visa regulations. Soon, foreign talent will be eligible for Chinese visas, which will be valid for up to five years, under the draft regulation. The announcement was made by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council on May 3, 2013.


The regulation mentioned that China will now offer two new types of visas known as the R1 and R2, for foreign professionals. The draft went on to iterate that both types of visas will be offered for foreign talent and professionals at the senior level. The R1 Visa will come with residency rights, while the R2 visa will allow multiple entry and exits from the country. Immigration law specialist Liu Guofu, said at the Beijing Institute of Technology that R1 visa holders can apply for aresidence permit for up to five years.

The R2 visa will allow professionals to stay in China for 80 days at a time. The new regulation will take effect from the month of July 2013, under the Entry and Exit Administration Law. However, the holders of the visas must be experts who are recognised by provincial level governments.


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