The Supreme Court has finally given its approval for the commissioning of the controversial Kudankulam nuclear plant. The decision has come as some relief for the Centre as well as the state of Tamil Nadu.


The court declared that the Kudankulam plant is safe and secure and that its existence is essential for public interest. It also said that it was good for the economic growth of the country. The bench of the SC observed, “Nuclear power plants are needed in the country for the present and future generations”. The court added that the Kudankulam plant has been set up by the government for the betterment of the people.

The bench consisted of justices Dipak Misra and K S Radha Krishnan, who had reserved their verdict after several arguments in the past three months. Many petitions were filed by anti-nuclear activists, who challenged the project on the grounds of safety measures, which were recommended for the plant. The recommendations were made by an expert panel and the petitioners had alleged that the safety measures were not put in place.

Questions were also raised on the disposal of nuclear waste and the impact of the plant on the environment, as well as the safety of the people who live besides the plant.


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