The Chinese city of Shanghai is now trying hard to make its presence felt as a global hotspot. Shanghai will allow visitors to spend three days in the city without visas, if they arrive by passenger liners. The Central government is yet to give its approval while the city is trying to extend a visa-free policy at two of its airport’s cruise terminals.


The Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration said that it is also planning to set up duty free stores and tax refund outlets. The policy was first recommended by the Shanghai Deputy Mayor Zhao Wen to the national political meetings in the month of March 2013. The administration added that the new policy will hopefully be in place within one year.

The visitors since January 1, 2013 have been permitted the 72-hour-visa for the travellers from about 45 countries including the United States, Japan, France and Australia. The visitors were allowed free stay inside the administrative area of Shanghai and the move has helped to improve tourism and consumption.

Chen Ping, the official in charge of inbound and outbound tourism said, “Early research and studies for a feasibility policy are much more important than remedies for problems exposed afterwards”. The city tourism is also looking forward for approval from the national customs and finance authorities.