In today’s generation, the trend of personal computers is slowly fading off. For this reason, Intel PC is all set to launch an awareness campaign which will help to revive the market of personal computers in the country. Intel is the company responsible for bringing a revolution in the computer business, with their brand advertising and the highly-popular Intel Inside campaign in the year 1991.


Once again, the company has launched a campaign with a purpose to make people understand the importance of personal computing devices in their lives. The campaign is six weeks long, was launched in Jaipur and carries a message how a PC can change their life. The Intel PC campaign has been designed to reach millions of people which will cover ten states in India through print advertisements, home visibility, radio jingles and Intel’s popular ground experimental program known as ‘My Discoveries’.

The Intel PC campaign is expected to cover ten states in the country which include Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. Last year the digital literacy program was launched by the company in collaboration with NASSCOM and few other companies in order to increase the digital literacy in the country. The point of this mission was to cover 1.8 million teachers and 2 million learners along with higher education students and faculty members in colleges in 2013.


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