The government of Tamil Nadu has banned the production and sale of the tobacco products like pan masala and gutka in the state. Apart from the production and sale, it has also banned the possession, as well as distribution of the products. On the other hand, the other states like Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have already banned the sale of pan masala and gutka.


Chief minister of the state Jayalalitha has referred to the remarks made by the Supreme Court in the case that was pending before it. He sought to know about the action that is being taken by the state government in controlling the usage of tobacco and also announced the decision of the government.

The chief minister has also referred the notification of the government in November 19, 2011 to ban the usage of tobacco under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act 1954 for five years. The Supreme Court ruled that the centre alone had the powers to issue such notifications.

After the announcement of the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Medical Administration, Jayalalitha said that the government had constituted a separate department known as the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Medical Administration. The government has constantly been stressing on the ban on the usage of tobacco which is harmful for health.