For the time being, 4G network is still finding its place on the international market and it is yet to prove itself as an established network among the others. But South Korean giant Samsung has already announced that it has developed a new technology that will operate in the millimeter-wave Ka bands.


New technology will help to enable cellular communication. The company also said that the technology will ensure data transmission that will serve hundred times faster than the 4G wireless communication. Samsung also states that it will make the new 5G technology available by the year 2020.

But with the current situation in India, company might face a further delay, as 4G is still struggling to take its position in the market. The 4G still does not operate in many states in India. At the moment, it is just Bharti Airtel which provides 4G LTE in the metropolitan cities like Kolkata and Bengaluru. Apart from that, it also provides service in the two-tier cities like Pune Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula.

The 5G technology might have a capacity to transmit data at 28 GHz frequency which clocks up to the speed of 1.056 Gbps in a 2 KM distance radius. If these figures maintain when it becomes commercialized, then the users will be able to download digital movies much quicker.


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