The United Kingdom has launched a new “super priority” visa, also known as the same-day visa for urgent travelers from India. This is the first-of-its-kind service launched by the UK anywhere in the world.


The new Super Priority Visa Service has been announced by the British Prime Minister David Cameron when he visited India back in February 2013. Indian citizens can apply for this visa from the UK Home Office, which is open for appointment bookings in India from May 14, 2013. Sir James Bevan, the British High Commissioner in India said, “I am delighted to see the Super Priority Visa service being launched in India before any other country”.

Bevan commented that, for the first time, Indian visitors will have the option of a same-day visa to the UK. The commissioner added that this underlines their strong commitment to make an already excellent visa service even better in the future. Bevan also went on to say that he expects the new service to be beneficial for business purposes in particular.

The new Super Priority visa is an optional service which can be incurred with an additional fee of 600 pounds, apart from the standard fee for the type of visa which is being applied for.