Despite controversies surrounding Boeing 787 Dreamliners, several aircrafts are all set to arrive at Chinese airlines before June 2013. The US-based manufacturer resumed the process of deliveries.


Marc Allen, Boeing China’s president said, “The delivery of 787s is on track, and several Dreamliners will be delivered to Chinathis quarter”. Allen added that the process of airworthiness certification in China is now in the phase-out period. He also commented that China Southern Airlines Co Ltd and Hainan Airlines Co Ltd will be the first Chinese customers to get 787 Dreamliners.

China Southern Airlines stated that its first 787 Dreamliner will arrive by the end of May 2013 and the carrier will also receive eight of its ten orders during 2013. Even though US-based manufacturer refused to comment on the development, Allen said he was confident that the first batch of Dreamliners will be delivered to China before the month of June 2013.

Reports also say that four of the Chinese airlines ordered 41 Dreamliners by the end of 2012, while 58 customers globally are waiting for more than 800 Dreamliners. Due to the current situation, Boeing is planning to improve its production rate.