As computer manufacturer Microsoft is preparing to launch its next-generation Xbox, rival Sony reminds everyone that it is all set to launch its next-generation console PlayStation 4, which will be announced on June 10, 2013. The company has also released a teaser video, which shows flashes of the PlayStation 4 hardware from different angles.


The teaser does not reveal much about the device, except for a few design details of the console, controllers and vents, which are all black. The company will announce more on June 10, 2013, which will be the night before the E3 officially launches in Las Vegas. However, the console will go on sale during the holiday season. The company talked about the upcoming console for the first time back in February 2013, at an event where it showed what the PlayStation 4 was capable of, but did not reveal the device during a two-hour announcement.

Presenters played games that were displayed on screens in an opera house, but the PlayStation hardware itself was hidden backstage.

Sony said that the PS4 will be a ‘supercharged PC’, very similar to that of an Xbox. The company will be using processing chips made by Advanced Micro Devices. However, the new console will not be able to play games that were created for three previous PlaysStations.


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