Apple’s iPhones and iPads are popular devices with worldwide recognition and also dominate the smartphone and tablet markets respectively. Now the US government has announced that the iPhones and iPads which run on iOS 6 can be used on the US military network.


Apple released a statement which said that the devices which use its latest mobile operating system iOS can now be used on the US Department of Defense its networks. The Department of Justice and the NSA considered the iOS encryption as virtually impenetrable recently, but the Department of Defense was yet to take the notice of it.

Pentagon has approved the Apple devices to be used on its network. This development came about two weeks after the approval of BlackBerry 10 devices and Samsung Galaxy S4 using knox security solution. In the past, BlackBerry was a popular device and got its privilege to be used by the government and big businesses due to high level of security on its devices. Unfortunately, Apple and Android were not able to pass the security test in the past.

However, in 2013, both Samsung and Apple were able to break that barrier and are ready to compete in the US military.