Taxi drivers in the city of Beijing are complaining over low income, due to which a taxi price hearing will be held to address the complaint. The meeting will also address other issues, such as how to make it easier for people to hail a cab.


A plan was released by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform on May 7, 2013, after which the base fare will go up from 10 yuan to 13 yuan for the first 3 km. Later on, the rate per km after the first 3 km will increase to either 2.3 yuan or 2.6 yuan from the current 2 yuan. The new plan will be discussed at the meeting at 2:30pm in Beijing on May 23, 2013, where ten customers will be represented.

Right now, Beijing taxis add a 1- to 3-yuan fuel surcharge for trips which are over 3 km. However, the amount of surcharge will vary according to the current fuel prices. The new plan says that the surcharge will be fixed at 1 yuan.

Due to this new plan, Beijing taxi drivers will be encouraged to get to work in the morning and evening rush hours. Even the waiting charge during traffic jams will be increased to 2 km per five minutes, from the current 1 km per five minutes.