Auto giant Yamaha has launched an automatic version of its scooter Ray, Ray Z for the Indian market on May 24, 2013. The new scooter has been launched specially for young men and is priced at Rs. 48,555. With the launch of new Ray Z, the company is aiming to boost its market share in the two-wheeler segment.


The company said that the new vehicle has been launched to target young male users between the ages of 16 to 22, with the concept of aggressive sporty design. The new variant was designed after the earlier Ray model was developed to target young women. Therefore, Yamaha felt the need for the development of a scooter for young men and to increase the sales in the country.

Roy Kurian, vice president of sales and marketing, Yamaha said, “Identifying the needs of the customers is very important… Boys won’t like to drive a scooter meant for girls. Hence, Ray Z has been launched”. The new model by the company has the same air-cooled, four-stroke 113cc engine with continuous variable transmission with the initial model with a maximum power output of 7.1 PS. The model also provides a mileage of 53 km per litre.