On May 27, 2013, Indian manufacturer Dabur India announced the expansion of its packaged food business. The company launched a new fruit juice-based drinking yoghurt under its brand Real Activ.


The company released a statement regarding the launch, which said, “Unlike most other yoghurt-based products available in the market today, the Real Activ Drinking Yoghurt range is a unique combination of yoghurt and fruit juice in a drinkable format”. The statement also reads that Real Activ Drinking Yoghurt will be available in two variants, Mango and Strawberry. The product will be available in 1 litre and 200 ml packaging and will be priced at Rs. 105 and Rs. 25, respectively.

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu was chosen by the company as a brand ambassador for these products. Praveen Jaipuriar, Dabur India Ltd Category Head-Foods said that with the launch of their latest product, they aim to expand the Activ Brand and also give their customers more options to make their modern and hectic lifestyle healthier.

The Real Activ brand provides plenty of choices for the customers in form of fresh fruit juices. The brand has many flavors available, like Real Activ Apple, Real Activ Orange, Real Activ Fiber Multi Fruit juice and so on.