For those who dream of owning an iPhone, there are some good news ahead. Recent media reports state that US-based company is planning to launch a new, low-cost iPhone. This news came out as previous reports released claim that Apple is easing its dependence on Foxconn for assembling its phones and has signed a contract with Pegatron to assemble a low-cost iPhone.


The report also states that, initially, Foxconn was manufacturing nearly all of iPhones and iPads for the US-based company, but then it was decided by Tim Cook, Apple chief, that it should diversify the supply chain.

Pegatron is headquartered in Taipei and has become a minor producer of iPhones in 2011 and began making iPad mini tablets in 2012. Naming reasons for the recent move, they were to reduce the dependence on a single supplier and the willingness of Pegatron to accept a smaller profit in return for Apple’s business.

Apple remains the dominator on the market, with best iPhones and iPads. The company has constantly dominated smartphone, as well as tablet market across the globe. Foxconn has been its manufacturer which assembles iPhones and iPads for a long time.


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