After the April Fool joke which included a Blue Gmail, search engine giant Google is all set to unveil the latest version of its Gmail. Google will be adding a few new functionalities and will also change Gmail layout a bit. Gmail users will now experience tabs and a new interface, which will allow them to organize their mails better.


As an additional function, Gmail will have a new priority inbox, as an addition to the standard inbox introduced in 2012. However, the new layout has more differences between the priority mail and regular mail. The latest tabbed layout will help to sort out mails under five tabs by default.

The five tabs are Primary, Social, Updates, Promotions and Forums. On the other hand, regular important communication will remain in the standard inbox or the Primary inbox. Messages from social networking sites will be automatically brought in to Social inbox and promotional material from e-commerce websites will be shifted under the Promotional tab.

Forums tab is for mailing lists and Updates are for confirmation mails. Users will also have the option to drag and drop mails in different tabs and Google Blog has said that Gmail will slowly ‘learn’ where they want each mail to go.


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