South Korean-based wireless telecom provider KT said that it has teamed up with SoftBank Corp., in order to provide a cloud computing service in Japan. The agreement between two companies was announced on May 30, 2013 and according to it, KT will be supplying its ‘Cloud K’ while SoftBank Corp., which is a telecom unit of the SoftBank Group, will promote the service in Japan.


KT will be offering technical support through its data center located in Korea. According to the company, recent move will improve their attempts to become a total solution provider. The company will generate more revenue from non-telecom business segments.

Moreover, KT is jointly running a global data center in Gimhae with SoftBank, in order to offer services to companies in Japan while seeking a reliable data storage center during natural disasters and power outages. KT will be starting a new cloud service from June 2013, which is known as ‘Uncloud Japan’, for Japanese companies that operate in Korea.

The new service by KT is cheaper than similar services offered by other companies. The cloud business includes services like data processing and online data storage for mobile devices and computers.