On May 30, 2013, Disney Resort Management Company in Shanghai announced that it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 60 percent. This in turn will help to improve an overall energy efficiency of the resort by three times. This move will be taken with the help of local associates for environmental protection and supply of energy.


The company will be adopting a leading environmental technology to supply its resort with heating, cooling and compressed air, which will increase overall energy efficiency. In Chinese mainland, Shanghai Disneyland is the first Disney Project and is due to open in 2015. It will be located on a 3.9 square km and will be three times bigger than Hong Kong Disneyland.

Utilities will be generated with the help of a combined cooling and heating plant, which will be built and operated onsite by the Shanghai International Tourism and Resort Zone New Energy Co Ltd. Mike Crawford, general manager of the resort said, “Shanghai Disney Resort is devoted to seeking new technology and business solutions that reduce our impact on the environment, save resources and promote sustainable technology”.

Construction on the Shanghai Disneyland’s Enchanted Storybook Castle began last week and when finished, will represent the biggest and tallest Disney Castle in the world.