China-based telecom operator China Mobile Ltd has developed a new application, known as Jego. China Mobile Ltd is the biggest telecom operator in terms of subscriber base and the application has been introduced in order to challenge rivals like Skype service by Microsoft.

china mobile app

The latest application will be targeting mainly customers who are overseas and will allow them to make free or low-cost calls to mobile phones, as well as landlines. Jego application was launched on June 1, 2013 and it can be used on mobile devices which run on Apple’s iOS operating system or Google’s Android platform.

According to analysts, this step taken by the telecom company is a crucial one in order to explore the international market. Fun Liang, IT industry insider, said that due to prices of long distance calls, more and more customers have switched to voice over Internet protocol or VoIP services thanks to innovations from companies like Skype.

The telecom operator has an advantage of a huge number of users and sound networks, due to which it can take over market share from current market players. The Jego service is being operated by China Mobile International Ltd, which is a China Mobile fully owned subsidiary based in Hong Kong.


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