Electronics manufacturing giant Sony is now all set to launch its PlayStation 4 gaming console for $399. With the upcoming launch, the latest console will be giving a good competition to the rival Microsoft’s Xbox One, which is priced at $499.


In a presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Sony said that the PS4 will be sold for €399 in the European market. However, the company has not yet mentioned anything regarding when it will be launching the device in the market. On Monday, June 10, 2013, Microsoft said that it will also be introducing its new machine, the Xbox One, in November 2013.

Sony has also struck at the controversial disc-usage rules for the Xbox One. The company went on to say that it will not place any new restrictions on the PS4 players who play used games or keep the system offline. The US-based manufacturer Microsoft said that the games for Xbox One might include stricter limits if they are resold or lent to friends.

When it comes to Xbox One, the company said that it has to be connected to the internet every 24 hours. The head of the US PlayStation business, Jack Tretton, said that the PS4 will not implement the most unpopular aspects of Microsoft’s rights-management restrictions.


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