Senior experts in China said that the farm imports might rise over the next ten years, due to the decrease in production and increase in the domestic demand. In terms of its agriculture sector China has seen success, but the country will see a slower production growth in the next ten years with increasing resource and rural labor restrictions.

china food import

The report was jointly released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the Food and Agriculture Organization for the United States. This report has predicted decelerating the worldwide agriculture production growth, which reflects the limited expansion of agricultural land with the rise of production costs, increase in environmental pressures and growing resource restrictions.

It has been predicted that the population in China will reach 1.39 billion by 2022, with the urban population increasing by 138 million. Zhang Hecheng, in charge of market and economic information for the Ministry of Agriculture said, “China’s consumption demand for agricultural products has already seen dramatic changes,and it will be a formidable task for the country to ensure sufficient food supply”.

The report also added that China will see a humble opening of its agriculture sector, as the consumption growth will outpace the production growth only slightly. This is expected to happen over the next ten years.