On June 14, 2013, the Education Ministry said that it is planning to call on Japan in order to correct the distorted history textbooks. The textbooks in Japan have allegedly made a false claim to the South Korean islets of Dokdo. In March of this year, Japan approved as much as 21 high-school textbooks, some of which described Dokdo.


Dokdo is a group of small islets which lie in the East Sea between the two countries, but as a Japanese territory. The reports claim that the Ministry has submitted to the National Assembly and the government also plans to send a formal request to Japan, as they want these incorrect contents to be amended.

The Ministry went on to say that it has scheduled to send an email to the civic groups in Japan, along with around 10,000 history teachers in Japan in order to let them know what is the actual truth. The Ministry will also be holding an international conference regarding this issue in August. of this year.

On the other hand, the government of Seoul is making preparations to respond better to false claims and is in consultation with all the relevant institutions, as well as civic groups to gather the resources on key historical issues and organize them chronologically.