In some good news for the overseas travelers, the United Kingdom has launched the same-day visa service, also known as the Super Priority Visa service for people in South India. The service has been available in Mumbai and Delhi until now and Chennai has also been added to the list.


The new Super Priority Visa service is a first-class service which is available in Chennai from June 18, 2013 and has been facilitated for urgent travel. The service will complement the Fast Track Service of UK and Online Payment options. This will be available for travelers who are applying for a six-month to a two-year multiple entry visit visa, excluding student visitors, who have earlier traveled to the UK, Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada or a Schengen country in the previous five years.

The service will also be enabled to applicants who are being sponsored by companies that are members of the UK Home Business Office’s Business Express Programme. However, the Super Priority Visa Service is an optional service and comes with an additional charge. At the current rate, the service will be available for Rs. 57,000, plus the additional standard fee for the type of visa the person is applying for.

The applicant has to complete an online form and also submit its application by appointment at the Visa Application Centre in Chennai, before 9:30 am.


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