South Korean pop sensation Psy has officially concluded promotion duties for his latest single ‘Gentleman’, with an extravagant performance at Canadian 2013 MuchMusic Video Awards which were held in Toronto on June 16, 2013. In an article in Billboard, Psy said, “By the way, this was the official last performance of ‘Gentleman’ on TV, which was all with the fireworks, with the greatest crowd ever.”


The singer went on to say that that was a very touching moment for him. Many critics rightly assumed that Psy would be unable to replicate the unbelievable success of his ‘accidental’ worldwide hit ‘Gangnam Style’, despite the very high anticipation surrounding Psy’s follow-up single.

Before the release of the song, Psy said on many occasions that it would be pretty much impossible to outshine ‘Gangnam Style’ and its success. The singer also said that his only hope was to release another entertaining act. As for the video for ‘Gentleman’, it seems that it has received an overall positive response and has exceeded 2.5 million likes on YouTube.

Meanwhile, ‘Gentleman’ has topped all music charts upon its release in Korea as it was expected, but the song was not able to match the global reach of ‘Gangnam Style’. The new single was definitely missing the chart-topping power that previous YouTube world record breaker had.