Online retail giant has recently rolled out a new way for users of the social networking site Facebook to send their gifts. The Facebook users can now collectively send birthday gifts to their friends. The new service is known as the Amazon Birthday Gift and it allows Facebook users to send a gift to a friend with a Birthday Greeting.


Steve Shure, Amazon vice president, said, “Birthdays have always been social occasions, and sites like Facebook now make it possible for anyone around the world to send birthday wishes to friends”. The latest service functions as follows: a friend can start off by adding a $1, $4, $10 or $25 Gift Card to a birthday greeting that will not appear on the Facebook timeline of the person whose birthday it is, until their actual birthday.

Moreover, other friends can also join in by contributing to the new gift card. The shares of were up with a fraction during the early trades. On the other hand, Facebook has also seen a 2% rise in its shares.

S & P analyst Scott Kessler said in a note that they also see a potential for further announcements and have been encouraged by recent Facebook innovation activity. Kessler went on to say that there is a speculation going around that the social network will roll out a video service for Instagram, similar to that of Twitter’s Vine.


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