In the upcoming week, the countries of Japan and Brazil are expected to agree for a bilateral summit meeting, in order to resume their talks on nuclear cooperation accord. A source from the government said that the talks are supposed to restart, as they were paused since the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

nuclear agreement

Earlier, the talks between the two countries began in 2011, but after the meltdown at the Fukushima No.1 complex in March 2011, the agreement remained paused. A joint statement will be issued after the Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets the Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Tokyo on June 27, 2013.

The nuclear agreement between the two countries will assure of the peaceful use of atomic energy, which is essential before any bilateral trade in terms of nuclear technologies takes place. The administration of Abe perceives exports of nuclear plant equipments as a base of its economic growth strategy.

At the moment, Brazil has two nuclear reactors in operation and its goal is to ensure the most stable electricity supply by building more plants. The energy demand in the country is expected to rise in the future, due to its quick economic growth. During his current visit to Europe, Abe agreed with the leaders of the European countries, including the Czech Republic, on bilateral cooperation in terms of atomic energy sector.