US-based iPhone maker Apple Inc. recently won a patent infringement suit against the South Korean giant Samsung, in a court in Japan. This suit is just one of many legal battles the two tech giants fight across the globe. A partial verdict has been announced by the Tokyo District Court in favor of Apple.


The court is yet to announce the damages, but it has been stated in a summary that the case needs more examination which will determine if Samsung has to pay the compensation amount to Apple and how much it would be. The final verdict regarding the case is expected later.

However, this is not the first time that the tech giants are involved in a patent battle. The two companies are dealing with patent issues in Italy, Germany, Britain, France, US, South Korea, the Netherlands and Australia. The latest case was about the ‘bounce-back’ technology, regarding scrolling on devices.

It was found that Samsung was infringing Apple’s patent on the earlier models of its Galaxy phone and tablet series. The South Korean company has changed its smartphone design since then and it is now showing a blue light instead of bouncing back. The companies are also competing fiercely in the global markets and accuse each other of using various technologies illegally.