Great news ahead for all mobile phone users who are addicted to the Internet on their mobile phones, telecom giant Airtel and search engine giant Google are teaming up in order to provide free internet service for mobile users in the country. The Free Zone service has been launched and will give the Airtel Mobile customers access to mobile web search and feature-phone-friendly versions of Gmail and Google + in India free of charge.

Airtel and Google to provide free internet for mobile users in India

Airtel released a statement regarding this move, which said that Free Zone aims to make the web accessible to all mobile users. The Internet services will be available through the company and will include Gmail, Google + and Google Search. The best part is that subscribers of Airtel will not have to incur any data charges in order to access these services on Free Zone, which is powered by Google.

The company will also provide other advanced services, such as attachment, download or browse through websites from the ones accessed in the Free Zone, which will be enabled through the subscription to a standard data package. VP and Managing Director of Google India, Rajan Anandan said, “The mobile Internet user base is growing really fast in India.”

Working with Airtel on this exciting trial means that we can offer Internet services at no cost to anyone with a phone.” Anandan went on to say that this new service will give people easier access to information in the way that is beneficial to everyone.


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