Asia Bizz: Employee Who Was Sexually Harassed By ex-HP Boss Hurd Comes Into Limelight

The woman who had accused Mark Hurd of sexually harassing her, has come out in the lime light, stating that she did not think Mark Hurd would lose his job. Jodie Fisher, who is an employee at HP, has spoken to the media for the first time after she accused Mark Hurd of sexually harassing her.

MarkPhoto Credit: Jdelsica

As per her statement, she said that she was saddened and shocked that Mark Hurd lost his job, for she had never intended to do that. Fisher has been in the lime light before, as she has appeared in movies and television shows. One of her recent shows was ‘Age of Love’ which came on NBC.

Following Hurd’s resignation from HP, the whole business world has been shocked in awe. Fisher, in the month of June, stated that Hurd had sexually harassed her. This was then followed by an investigation in to the case, but it showed that there has been no violation of laws of the company. She stated that she has resolved her claims over Hurd, but has not provided any further details about her case.