Kanto region in Japan has faced an early end of the rainy season in 2013. Due to this situation, the region is now under the risk of water shortage this summer. On July 9, 2013, record-low water levels were reported at the dams along the Tone River and the government has also issued a warning.


The nation’s second-longest river now stands at an all-time low of of 232 million cu. meters. The water reserves were calculated at eight dams along the river. The total water reserve has been calculated for July 9, 2013 and the level of 232 million cu. meters is three-quarters of the average level. According to the Meteorological Agency, the rainy season in the Kanto region came to an end on Saturday, July 6, 2013, which is 15 days earlier than usual.

The region not only faced a short rainy season, but it also experienced low rainfall in May 2013, which affected the water levels. The rainfall in May 2013 remained noticeably low, at just 46 mm, or about 40 percent of the average. However, in June 2013, the water level came back to normal, but was not enough to compensate the losses in May of this year.

People living in the six Kanto prefectures depend on the dams along the Tone River.