The country of Ireland is known as the land of saints and scholars, but it is also popular for being one of the best dairy products manufacturer in the world. At the moment, Irish dairy farms are planning to expand their operations in China and these firms say that they have a lot to offer to Chinese consumers. The products from Ireland are well-known for being natural and wholesome.

irish dairy

The Irish dairy companies are popular in the world and currently produce around 5.5 billion liters of milk every year. These companies have high levels of production and also a big diversity of milk-based products which are offered and are looking towards Chinese market in the future.

Padraig Walshe, an Irish dairy farmer said, “Obviously, a country like China with a huge population is very important to us, and their consumption of dairy products is growing every year.? CEO of Glanbia Ingredients Ireland Ltd, Jim Bergin said that the dairy consumption in China is increasing faster than the dairy production and that the country became a crucial importer of dairy products on a global scale.

The country of Ireland is also known for having some of the best grazing land for cattle in Europe, along with the favorable climate for dairy production. At the moment, the European Union limits the amount of dairy products which can be produced in countries throughout the EU.