For the first time, the city of Beijing is witnessing an increase in the sales of used cars, which surpassed the sales of new cars. Details from the China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) showed that the new car sales in 2012 accounted for 580,000 units in Beijing, which was 120,000 units behind used cars.

used ccars

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce, Yao Jian said that the sale of new cars is slowing down since 2011, but now the auto market is facing a period of moderate uptrend as opposed to rapid growth. The vice-president of CADA, Yu Yuanbo attributed this fact primarily to the curbing policies in Beijing and changes in consumers.

Moreover, on July 10, 2013, it was predicted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers that eight more cities are likely to announce policies this in 2013, which will curb the purchase of vehicles for private use. When the new policy comes into effect, local auto sales are expected to go down by about 25 percent.

After talking to many experts, Yuanbo said that they have come to a conclusion that curbing policies are not the best method to reduce pollution issues and traffic congestion.