Asia Bizz: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison States HP Board Is To Be Blamed Over Hurd’s Exit

Larry Ellison, the CEO of computer technology giant Oracle, stated that HP’s board is to be fully blamed over the exit of Mark Hurd. Ellison stated in his letter to the New York Times, saying that even though after investigations it was known that he had not violated the sexual harassment rules of the company, the board still insisted that he resign.

Ellison and Hurd seem to be good friends and hence Ellison is speaking up for Hurd. Hurd resigned on Friday after Jodie Fisher, who is a former HP employee and a television actress, alleged that Hurd tried to sexually harass her. After taking such a blow on his character, Hurd decided it would be better if he resigned.

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison

Ellison stated that after losing Hurd, HP has not acted according to HP’s employees, shareholders and investors will. (Reuters) He even criticized that HP decided to go public with the news after they voted 6 to 4 in the meeting. He said, publishing false sexual harassment charges is not a good sign of corporate business.