Internet has always proved to be highly convenient for its users, in every possible way, be it for booking tickets for railways, flights and even online shopping. On Monday, July 22, 2013, the Delhi High Court has introduced online payment of court fee. This is the first time that such facility has been introduced in the country and it will save litigants from standing in long lines at the counter.


The High Court released a statement which read, “A user will be able to purchase court fee to any extent and hold it in credit in his or her own account from which the user will be able to utilize the exact amount of court fee needed per transaction”. The new facility is known as the ‘e-court fee’, which can be availed either through debit card or through net banking.

This latest service is a result of joint effort of the Delhi High Court and the Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. The press release from the court added that the print out of the e-court fee receipts contains a bar code for precise amount required for a transaction, which will be produced at the time of filing of any petition or application.