India Yamaha Motor announced that it has voluntarily recalled about 56,082 units of its Ray scooter, after it detected insufficient strength in the handlebar of some scooters due to welding issues. The company said that, in extreme cases, the glitch is most likely to impact the scooter?s steering operation.


For this reason, Yamaha will be attempting to reach out to its Ray customers in order to process the recall. The scooter’s fault was revealed during one of the company’s field studies and it has now identified all such units of the Ray scooter sold so far. India Yamaha Motor will be voluntarily replacing the handlebars of all scooters, free of cost.

Yamaha issued a formal statement which said, ?Yamaha constantly monitors the performance of the vehicles used by our customers as well as the performance of parts fitted in them.? The company went on to say that it will run the voluntary recall campaign on more than 56,000 units of the Ray as it has found that the handlebars which were fitted in some scooters might have insufficient strength due to inadequate welding and this might – in worst case scenario – have an impact on the steering operation.

The recall exercise has already begun on July 20, 2013 through the Ray Refresh Campaign.

Photo Credits: Zig Wheels