Environmental officials in China while talking to the environmental protection industry forum on July 28, 2013 said that the government of China will have to spend more than 3 trillion yuan to improve the air and water pollution prevention and treatment. The government will soon be releasing an airborne pollution prevention and control action plan which will have a support of 1.7 trillion yuan in investment from the central government.


Wang Tao, an official from the pollution prevention department under the ministry of Environmental Protection said that an estimated 2 trillion yuan will be put in to enhance monitoring of sources of drinking water. The official added that the control of poisonous contaminants was also required by the water pollution prevention and control action plan in formulation.

Moreover, Zhao Yingmin the director general the MEP science, technology and standards department said that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is also drafting a national standard for Surface water quality. The director general added that the draft is expected to be released to consult public opinion in a year?s time and will be issued in the year 2014.

China in recent times has made several efforts in curbing pollution in the country due to which the domestic environmental protection industry is booming.

Photo Credits: Straights Times