Telecom giant Vodafone India has announced on July 29, 2013 that it has partnered with micro blogging site Twitter and will be offering free access for the subscribers for three months. Now the Vodafone subscribers in India will be able to access and Tweet without incurring data charges when they visit the Twitter website or the official Android app. All this is for free for three months.


The recent move by the company is a part of the initiative to encourage the usage of mobile internet. Vivek Mathur the Vodafone India Chief commercial officer said , “Our partnership with Twitter is another step in our ongoing endeavour to make mobile internet more fun, smart, engaging and easy.” Mathur added that the idea is to educate current and potential users on how internet can add significant value to them.

Mathur also said that the platform offers the mobile ecosystem novel ways to introduce their subscribers to all that internet has to offer. Rishi Jaitley the Twitter India market director said, “Through this initiative, subscribers will be able to use Twitter to follow the people and organisations they care about”.

The popular social networking site allows the users to share stories , opinions and ideas and news in 140 characters long messages.

Photo Credits: Fone Arena