Auto car maker Nissan Motor Co. – leader of Japanese car makers – said that the companies will be jointly making efforts to build up the number of charging stations across the country. More and more charging stations will be built in Japan so that adoption of electric cars increases in the near future.


The automakers, including Nissan, Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co. and Mitsubishi Motors said in a joint statement that they have agreed to share expenses and will help to increase the number of both fast-charging and regular stations. For the time being, there are about 1,700 quick chargers and 3,000 normal chargers, which is a level that is considered to be insufficient. So far, electric cars have struggled to catch the attention of buyers, despite the fact that they are much more cost-efficient and easy to maintain. Across the world, electric car makers have failed to make significant changes on the market next to fuel cars.

With this in mind, pressure is building on Japanese makers as competition has increased from companies in the US. Tesla Motors Inc. – maker of the Model S sedan – revealed a system in June 2013 that can replace an old car battery with a new one in just 90 seconds, which is faster than it takes to fill up a gasoline car.

Photo Credits: Auto News