The president of China, Xi Jinping has made a promise that he will protect the country’s maritime interests and be completely prepared for the complex issues within the region. The country’s top leader made the pledge on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 while presiding over a a group study session of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee in order to discuss a path to becoming a maritime power.

President Xi Jinping promises to protect maritime interests of China

Jinping emphasized that China will stand by its principle of avoiding disputes and carrying out joint development in areas where the country owns sovereign rights. Jinping said, “We love peace and will remain on a path of peaceful development, but that doesn’t mean giving up our rights, especially involving the nation’s core interests.” The president also went on to say that China plans on enhancing its maritime law enforcement capacity in order for it to match the country’s overall strength.

Deputy director of the Center for Chinese Borderland History and Geography at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Li Guoqiang said that Jinping’s speech showed that the country is adamant to protect its maritime interests, but through diplomatic and political means, without using force rashly.

Even though sea disputes between China and neighboring countries have increased in recent years, the country still plans on maintaining steady development in its surrounding areas and to continue protecting its maritime interests. An expert on Southeast Asian Studies at Peking University, Yang Baoyun said that this will be a challenge for the country, but despite that, China is making all necessary efforts in order to do so.

Photo Credits: China Defense