So far, New Zealand-based dairy giant Fonterra has not revealed what products might contain a potentially deadly bacteria and which countries are at risk. However, the company is in full damage-control mode in China. On Saturday, August 3, 2013, infant and child formula milk producer said that its whey products can contain Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism.


Symptoms of botulism include vomiting, nausea and diarrhea, which can also lead to paralysis and can be fatal, if not treated on time. In May 2012, three batches of whey protein concentrate manufactured at Fonterra’s Hauptau plant in Waikato were contaminated by an unsanitary pipe.

Eight of the company’s customers have been advised by the dairy giant that their products might be contaminated and New Zealand products might be the ones which are potentially affected. Gary Romano – managing director at Fonterra – in a press conference said that consumer safety is paramount, but the company is refusing to say which companies in New Zealand or overseas are involved in it.

Romano went on to say that they do not believe that it would be helpful to give that information and added that it was up to Fonterra’s customers and their local authorities to locate any affected products.

Photo Credits: RTE