Tech giants Samsung and Apple have always been in the news regarding their patent issues. Apple is now trying its best to take Samsung’s phones out of the US stores, just one week after avoiding an iPhone 4 ban by an unusual White House veto.


Apple is asking a US appeals court to ban the sales of Samsung models. A jury from California found that the patents of iPhones – in terms of looks and features – were violated. Later, a US trade agency is expected to say whether it will stop some imports of Samsung, on the claims of infringement of Apple patents.

For Apple, even more important than money is to make Samsung stop selling some of its smartphones and tablet computers. In 2012, Apple won a $1 billion verdict, which is equal to less than two weeks’ worth of iPhone sales worldwide and one seventh of Samsung’s second quarter profit.

Ray Van Dyke, tech patent lawyer with Van Dyke Firm in Washington said, “Sometimes, the money’s not enough.” The lawyer went on to say that, when it comes to Apple and Samsung, it is just about who is going to be at the top.

Photo Credits: New Gadget