Popular travel site Yatra.com went down on August 9, 2013, as the registration of its domain name expired. Media reports claim that the website forgot to renew its domain name, which expired on August 9, 2013 and was first registered on August 9, 2000.


The error was first spotted when users of the website tried accessing Yatra.com and found that they were being directed to a domainer page. Domain parking is the registration of an internet domain, without placing any real content on it. This can be done for future development, or as a form of cyber-squatting.

Online information also revealed that the domain registration was later updated, but only for a year, until August 11, 2014. However, the site was still not functioning at the time of going to press. Meanwhile, there is a possibility that the company lost plenty of business. A statement from Yatra.com read, “We are facing some technical difficulties with our DNS servers on account of which some of you are unable to access our site.”

The statement – which was posted on a social networking site – said that they are working on it and hope to resolve it in the next couple of hours.

Photo Credits: Smart Buy