Chinese-language website of Dalai Lama has been hacked. One prominent computer security company warned that the virus is also infecting visitors’ computers with viruses. It has been predicted that this might be an attempt to spy on human rights activists who are frequent visitors of the website in question.

dalai lama

Kurt Baumgartner, Kaspersky Lab researcher said that he is advising web surfers to stay away from the Chinese-language site of the Central Tibetan Administration (or CTA), until the organization fixes the error. The attack was mentioned by the researcher on his company’s blog. Some technical evidence has also revealed that the group behind the campaign was also responsible for earlier breaches on that website.

The breaches which have been reported involve a two-stage attack technique which is known as ‘water holing’. With this technique, hackers first infect a site which is frequently visited by people whose computers they want to take control of. The compromised site then automatically leads to infecting the PCs of all the visitors, downloading malicious software which hackers use to take control of their computers.

Officials from the Office of Tibet in New York – which is the official representative to the United States for the Dalai Lama – were not available for comment.

Photo Credits: Daily Dot