On August 14, 2013, 70-year-old man from Hiroshima, Japan, made a failed attempt to cross the English Channel. Toshio Tominaga from Hiroshima wanted to become the oldest Japanese person to swim the English Channel. Tominaga was just a few kilometers away from the French shore, but then abandoned his attempt due to strong waves.

english channel

The 70-year-old man said, “I want to do my best and challenge myself next year”. On Wednesday, August 14, 2013 morning, Tominiga spent about 12 hours in the water after set he off from the shore close to Dover. The resident of Hiroshima explained that he could not move forward due to the growing waves and winds.

The channel is only 34 kilometers at its narrowest place, but for swimmers that makes the distance 40 to 50 kilometers. So far, the oldest person to swim the English Channel is Roger Allsopp, who attempted the swim at the age of 70 and four months in 2011. His name has been mentioned in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Allsopp is a retired breast cancer surgeon and has achieved his ambition on August 31, 2011. He broke the earlier record, held by George Brunstad, who is the uncle of Hollywood star Matt Damon.

Photo Credits: Telegraph


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