The capital city of India, Delhi, has become one of the first states in the country to launch the program that will offer cheap staple food to two-thirds of the population in India. The ambitious food security program was launched by the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on August 20, 2013, at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi.

food security

During the launch, Gandhi assured that the right to food security is unparalleled in the world and that no poor in India will remain hungry. The launch of the latest program is also an attempt to gain some popularity in order to survive the upcoming elections.

The launch of the program has also coincided with the birth anniversary of late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. While talking about the program, Gandhi said, “We decided to formulate food security bill so that the poor do not remain hungry, their children do not sleep hungry and they do not suffer malnutrition”.

Mrs Gandhi went on to say that their work is not over yet and that they have plenty of struggle ahead and that it is their duty to keep in mind interests of the poor. So far, the food security bill has not been passed by the parliament.

Photo Credits: The Hindu