Search engine giant Google has introduced support for Hindi handwriting on Android smartphones and tablets. With the introduction of the new language, the company intends to bring 300 million more users from India online.

google hindi

A spokesperson for Google said, “ It has often confounded us that less than 10% of internet usage is in Indian languages while in the offline world more than 90% of newspaper readers or TV viewers are using these media in Indian languages”. The spokesperson went on to say that, as of August 21, 2013, they are announcing beta support for Hindi handwriting, as well as ability to switch to a native Hindi experience on Android.

These steps are being taken by the search engine in order to make the Hindi usage on internet simpler. After the new feature is enabled, it will allow users to scribble words in Hindi, with the use of fingers or a stylus on the touch screen of a phone or a tablet. Google will recognize a word through the feature and will perform a search query accordingly.

This feature will be used to scribble words in Hindi, as well as to translate them to English through the Google Translate application, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets.

Photo Credits: BGR