Finnish mobile manufacturing giant Nokia is planning to unveil new large-screen mobile handsets in the upcoming months in New York, in order to enhance its Lumia smartphone lineup. The latest move will be taken by Nokia in order to challenge Samsung’s devices, which are, at the moment, dominating the smartphone sector.


Sources familiar with the development said that the company developed more than one new mobile device and is due to announce them at an event in New York in late September 2013. However, the sources did not give away any details regarding specifications and price, but said that the new models will include a phablet, which has features of both a smartphone and a tablet.

The upcoming devices are expected to have screens of more than 5 inches, while tech blogs said that the Finnish company is planning to launch a tablet device. Officials from Nokia were not immediately available for comment on this matter. In the past, Nokia has stepped up to increase the pace of product launches, so that it continues to provide competition to currently-dominating companies like Apple and Samsung.

In terms of phablets, Samsung has become the top player in the market and silenced critics who said that the devices will not become popular. Meanwhile, Apple is considered to be the top player when it comes to tablets.

Photo Credits: Read Write