On August 26, 2013, US-based internet corporation Yahoo confirmed that it has purchased image search specialty start-up IQ Engines. The start-up will add the company’s technology to its Flickr photo service. On its official website, IQ Engines said, “IQ Engines is joining the Flickr team at Yahoo”.


The message went on to say that, as longtime Flickr Fans and fellow photography enthusiasts, they are looking forward to improving photo organization and search for the community. The start-up is known for software which helps in analyzing, sorting and categorizing images by using the technique of facial recognition.

In May 2013, Yahoo showed a new design of its Flickr photo platform and the company’s chief executive Marissa Mayer said that her goal was to make the online service awesome again. The California-based company has been on a buying spree ever since Mayer came on board as a chief in 2012. Mayer came with a mission to revive the internet pioneer.

One of the company’s acquisitions includes Qwiki, which is a New York operation behind an application which converts video and pictures on iPhones into movie clips that can be shared, complete with music tracks. Even in June 2013, Yahoo made another acquisition worth billion dollars with the popular blogging platform Tumblr.

Photo Credits: Live Mint