Telecom regulator of Pakistan has directed all companies to discontinue voice and text chat packages. The recent move has been taken by the company in order to prevent youth from participating in activities contrary to the moral values of society.


The action was taken by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) after the federal government received complaints from lawmakers and hardline groups about mobile packages which enable users to make cheap calls late at night. With this in mind, PTA told cellular companies that the packages must be stopped, as they are contrary to the moral values of the society.

Muhammed Talib Dogar, the Director General of PTA said, “Stop all kinds of chat packages (voice and SMS) irrespective of 'time of the day' and submit compliance by September 2 positively”. The demand came from hardline groups and parliamentarians from religious parties. The packages were also criticized in the National Assembly or lower house of parliament, as some lawmakers claimed that they were against the moral values of the society of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, cellular companies like Ufone, Mobilink, Zong and Telenor have strongly reacted to the directive of PTA and added that the ban on packages provided during the day is beyond their comprehension.

Photo Credits: Dawn