Strict measures will be taken in Beijing as of Monday, September 2, 2013, in order to reduce vehicle emissions over the next five years. The changes are being made as part of the capital’s increasing efforts to improve air quality in the city.


The measures for improving air quality is part of the action plan released by the municipal government. The package has mentioned that the municipal government will restrict the number of new cars on the road every year as of January 2014. By 2017, there should be no more than six million cars on the roads of the city.

Data from the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau showed that the the city had 5.35 million vehicles by the end of July 2013. The government will be attempting to reduce total vehicle fuel consumption by 5 percent or more compared to 2012, by promoting new energy and small displacement vehicles, reducing intensity of the vehicle use and strictly enforcing regulations.

The traffic management of the city and environmental protection bureaus will prepare traffic control rules for passenger cars by the end of 2013. These rules will mainly focus on time and zone restrictions.

Photo credits: Amazon AWS